About the Needham Democratic Town Committee

The Needham Democratic Town Committee is a local political organization made up of elected and associate members working together as volunteers in support of Democratic policies and candidates.
As Democrats we believe in and work for the common good, and recognize that our government has a positive role in the lives of individuals and communities. We know that the strength of our democracy is dependent on the engagement of thoughtful citizens. Please join us!
Thanks for your interest!

Executive Committee

Michael Diener – Chairman
Kathy Jacques- Vice Chair
Laurie Hutcheson- Treasurer
Susan Welby – Secretary
Rob Stegman – Community Outreach
Lida Harkins – State Committee
Walter McDonough – State Committee
Denise Garlick — State Representative

Elected Members

Heidi C. Black
John Bulian
Edward V. & Anne Cosgrove
Artie R. Crocker
Michael A. Diener
Claire Dee Ecsedy
Denise Garlick
Donald Gratz
Michael Greis
Maurice P. Handel
Caitlin Harkins
Laurie and Joe Hutcheson
Katherine P. & Steven W. Jacques
Fredie Kay
John P. Kirk
Walter McDonough
Jeanne S. McKnight
Terence Noonan
Evan F. Rauch
Susan A. Sciacca-Dana
James Segel
Jeff S. Shapiro
Stacie Shapiro
Robert T. Smart
Robert A. Stegman
Karen L. Walker
Susan Welby
Harmony Wu
Heather Yountz

Life Members

Bill & T. Burke
Sumner Fanger
Sue Fleming
Lida Harkins
Thomas M. Harkins
Norman & Eleanor Jacques
David and Carol Knapton
Edmund J. Mahoney
Dan Matthews
Jane Murphy
Paul Ward
Charlie Wright
Walter Wright

Needham Democratic Town Committee: needhamdems@gmail.com